Dir. James A. Castillo
Madrid Noir

Madrid Noir

A young woman arrives at the apartment of her estranged and deceased uncle. Tasked with picking up the pieces of his life, she is unexpectedly thrown back into the past to relive a summer she spent with him as a child. Revisiting that time proves to be more intense than she expects and ultimately will lead her to uncover a long buried secret. Unfolding as an awe inspiring theatre production, this charming animated story takes part in a city that comes alive at night, a place where shadows are dark and deep, a Madrid now lost in time.

This thrilling interactive caper comes from director James A. Castillo in production with award-winning producers Atlas V and immersive storytellers No Ghost. After the rave reviews of a prologue in 2018, we are immensely proud to premiere the fully featured, all singing, all dancing, curtain raising and jazz hands waving Madrid Noir we always longed to make.

About the Director

James A. Castillo is a Director and Character Designer hailing from Madrid. His design work has been central to major production companies including Paramount Pictures and Sony Animation, among others. His unique style gives Madrid Noir it’s charming look that marks it out from other VR offerings. His interest in creating VR narratives came while working as an art director on Melita, a VR experience by Oculus Studios which amounted to half a dozen awards and recognitions, including Venice film festival and Sitges.


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