Dir. Pierre Zandrowicz


After a year of hyper-sleep, Claris is one of the first people to set foot on Mirror. Gradually, the boundary between her memories and the reality of the planet became blurred. The more she advances in her exploration, the more the planet metamorphoses and takes on all the characteristics of the Earth. Claris thinks she is losing her footing while Mirror seems to take possession of her.

About the Director

Pierre Zandrowicz is a director passionate about visual storytelling. He makes short films, clips and advertisements for brands such as Jean- Paul Gaultier. In 2014 he created Okio-Studio, a production company specializing in virtual reality and advertising. December 2017, he created with Antoine Cayrol and Arnaud Colinart a new ATLAS V studio dedicated to immersive fiction in all these forms (VR / AR / MR). Thanks to these new narrative forms and his mastery of the image, Pierre creates films engaged with a deep storytelling, notably the short film in VR, I, Philip, for Arte


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