Wallace & Gromit: Jamtastic!

Daniel Efergan

This time YOU’re the star. With Wallace off on his Grand Getaway, it’s time for you (and your room) to put his ‘jam to toast’ delivery system through its paces.

Tackle a torrent of toasted targets and prove yourself a Top Tester. Just try not to make too much mess…

🔫A mixed reality game with 30 unique levels of jamtastic fun.

🎯Tackle toast and more to get the highest score and prove yourself a top tester!

👋Enjoy check-ins from Wallace as he dials into your home ‘live’ from his Grand Getaway.

⚠️Please note: The Helping Hands take no responsibility for any crumbs or jam that may appear around your home!


You’re a professional and you’re interested by this experience?