UNIFRANCE : Prominent presence for French works at Venice VR

With no fewer than 8 French immersive works selected for the second edition of Venice VR, this event once again highlights the robust health of the French virtual reality sector. In terms of the number of films presented, France is the second most highly-represented country, just behind the United States.


The 75th Venice International Film Festival is taking place from August 29 through September 8, 2018. For the first time this year, the Venice Virtual Reality section will shine a light on immersive interactive and linear experiences, with 40 works to be showcased, including 30 in competition.

Among the 25 countries represented at Venice VR, France counts a total of 8 productions (including one minority production), second only to the USA, reflecting the prominent status and high visibility of French VR works at this time.

Alongside productions by leading players in the sector, such as Atlas V (BattleScar, SPHERES), viewers will also have the chance to discover The Horrifically Real Virtuality—the new installation by DVgroup, who created a sensation last year with Alice, the Virtual Reality Play, The Roaming - Wetlands—as well as the latest creation by La Prairie Productions, whose 2017 work Proxima earned acclaim at numerous festivals, and, last but not least, Isle of the dead produced by Les Produits Frais and Arte, and inspired by the painting of the same title by Arnold Böcklin. In addition, three new contenders will reveal their first immersive works: Eclipse by Jonathan Astruc and Aymeric Favre, Umami by Landia Egal and Thomas Pons, and Elegy by Marc Guidoni.

France's presence at this event also extends to the jury. Following the 2017 jury members John Landis, Céline Sciamma, and Ricky Tognazzi, this year's jury will comprise the Danish filmmaker Susanne Bier (jury president), the Italian writer/director/performer Alessandro Baricco, and the French actress Clémence Poésy.
The Venice Virtual Reality jury will present the following three awards: Best VR Immersive Story, Best VR Experience for Interactive Content, and Best VR Story for Linear Content.

The complete program can be viewed here.

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