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 Dive in “HIGH LIFE”

Dir. Pierre Zandrowicz
Atlas V x Arte

Available on Arte 360

Shot in 360, “The color of infinity” transports you onto the set of High Life, the new feature length film by Claire Denis, with Robert Pattinson, Juliette Binoche, and Mia Goth, out in theaters Wednesday the 7th of November, and distributed by Wild Bunch Distribution.

Be in face to face with the director, inside the decor, or the middle of the film crew, this intimate interview brings a new light to Claire Denis’s work. She confides in us her fears, doubts and the path she took to arrive at certain artistic decisions. There is no better way to get a behind the scenes glimpse of what it takes to create and oeuvre like this, and to make you want to discover her film.


In many respects, the mesmerizing and elusive “High Life” is a first for writer-director Claire Denis